SRM-20 Into Chocolate Milling Machine!



Introduction: SRM-20 Into Chocolate Milling Machine!

Milling machine by Roland D.G., SRM-20 have a port for inserting Arduino UNO.

We used the port for HACKING SRM-20 into Chocolate milling machine.

It can mill chocolate by drawing line on the touch panel display.

After drawing, you can engrave the line onto chocolate piece by pushing "RUN" button.

You can engrave 15 different drawing.

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Step 1: Insert Arduino MEGA

The slot for Arduino on SRM-20 main board is for "Arduino UNO".

However , you can insert "Arduino MEGA" by using adapter between Arduino MEGA board and SRM-20 main board.

For starting hacking SRM-20, you have to open rear panel protecting electronics. Be attention to losing any kind of guarantee. But it'll open the possibility of SRM-20.

Step 2: ​Touch Panel Display

We are using touch panel display bellow...

2.8" TFT Touch Shield (

It is connected to Arduino Shield Slot on SRM-20 main board.
We can insert any type of Arduino Shield on the slot.

In this time, we wanted to put Touch panel on the front of the machine.
So, we connect them by using any cable.

Step 3: Develop Program Using API

After connecting Arduino MEGA, Touch panel display, and some button onto SRM-20, we developed program on Arduino IDE.

We can rewrite the program, without reconnecting any cable.

We can also use serial communication.

API for control SRM-20 is open for users.
You should check it!

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