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Make outdoor scintilating rotating night lights enjoyed in patios or gardens using old pop bottles and discarded solar lights. This do it your self project is fun and low cost as well as easy to make. You will get rid of some of your old beverage bottles too.Recycling of solar lights that are not used also are used.

Step 1: Convert Sun and Wind Using Old Pop Bottles Reused Out of Garbage.[recycling Junk]

Description and purpose-

Project will utilize energy from the atmosphere [wind] to rotate a universal mobile devise using two old beverage bottles that are about 10 inches long and cut out to be propellers that catch any breeze.

As the propellers rotate horizontally rather than vertically they catch the slightest breeze coming from any direction.This will produce a steady rotation clockwise or in reverse at times.An attached solar cell generates sun light and at night glows for 8 hours shedding a mult-i collored rotating light down ward on the area under it as the propeller rotates it.

Thus wind energy is converted to mechanical energy and solar energy is converted to electricity and to light energy as a cycle.

The picture shows the items to use.

two bottles and caps.

a large paper clip To mount the assembly with a swivel and nylon fish cord to be tied to a tree or a nail.

knife- exacto[r] or equivalent.

glue.preferably E6000. to glue the two caps together.

black pen.

Step 2: Construction Steps

Caps assembled.- glue caps back to back with glue. E6000 is strong. Buy at art stores.

Let harden for at least 5 hours .Then test to be sure they don't part.Alternate method I found was to drill two caps out with a .125 dia, drill and assemble with a 6-62 machine screw and nut. back to back.

Bottles- screw them on the caps.

Cut outs- Cut a section out of each bottle with a pointed blade. First use a pen and outline the cut line. About a half of a side is sufficient to cut out. Do the same for second bottle but be sure the cut out is facing in the same side with cap to your right. .

This is to catch the wind for proper rotation.

Wire clip. Straiten it out the use plier to wrap it around the middle of the cap. Form a closed hook at top and open hook at bottom.Glue in place making sure it is oriented such that the bottles are positioned to catch the wind.

A fishing swivel is used at the top. Fish cord or plastic cord that is thin as Elastic stretch cord 1mm. is ok.

The solar lights can be used .You may need to change the battery if they are old. Alkaline types will work but rechargeable type cells are best but costly. The solars shown are about $1.00 at most places.

Mounting solars- They can be mounted on top or suspended from the under side of the caps.Use small paper clips and mount on each side of a solar assembly with E6000 glue. Let dry 1 to 2 hours. Use a plastic nylon fish cord or a jumbo paper clip to wire to the two side clips.

Color lights.- Use various color pens or paints to color the plastic attachement of the solar cell assembly to generate colorful lighting as the cell rotates.

Step 3: Other Wind Mobiles

Bottles can be cut out to rotate in any bottle. See picture. This bottle is assembed by attching the fins cut out of another discard bottle and glued to each side. A Hole is punched with an awl in top and a plastic string {fish cord} is inserted and knotted in side of cap then replace cap.glue in place. Use various colors and glitter glue on outside to reflect brilliant colors at it rotates in the slightest breeze.

For other ideas refer to Published Instructables : Rotating whirligig by Mistic dated May 2, 2009. and Jan. 12, 2009.

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