Saree Hammock

Introduction: Saree Hammock

Saree Hammock is used for swinging, sleeping, or resting.The hammock is often seen as symbol of summer, leisure, relaxation and simple, easy living.

Ceiling mounted hammocks for babies are traditional to south India. The textile used is the woven 5 meter Sari, which is long enough to be hung high, yet reach low enough to be safe for toddlers. The light material allows perspiration and cooling in the hot climate native to this region.

Step 1: Tie the Edges of the Saree in Two Trees

Tie the two ends of the tree, depending on the length of the saris.



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    Nice - but choose your knots wisely. Otherwise getting it undone after having your bodyweight tighen the knots is going to be very frustrating.

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    Awesome! Thanks.