Sauron Cosplay Helmet Tutorial

Introduction: Sauron Cosplay Helmet Tutorial

About: Hey there! My name is Nathan and I made an account on instructables to show you how to go about making armour/weapon props from foam and other materials. :)

Hey guys!

I made a tutorial for you to follow so that you can make your own Sauron helmet!

Hope you enjoy!

Things you will need:

  • Hobby Knife
  • Marker Pen
  • Heat Gun
  • Hot Glue and Sticks
  • EVA Foam Mat
  • Styrofoam
  • Access to a printer

Step 1: Download and Cut Out the Templates

Ok so as the title for this step states, download the templates and cut them out ready for use!

These are to the templates for the helmet!

Step 2: Watch the Video!

Note: If its not the right video, Click on the drop down tab in the left hand corner of the video window and scroll down to find the video you are looking for, Sorry for the inconvenience.

Step 3: Pictures!

Hope you enjoyed this instructable!

For more pictures check out my Facebook and Youtube channel!




Nathan =D



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    15 Discussions

    Seriously.. whats the scale on this thing? What is the diameter of the head that fits these files?

    What are the dimensions?

    How did you mold it to your head? did you use a small helmet? Im trying to make this fo comic con next month lol.

    1 reply

    I just used a heat gun and some refernce images to make sure i was getting the shape i wanted, hope this helps! :)

    This looks great!

    If the templates are yours, you may want to upload them directly here on the site (say, as a pdf at the end of a step). People might appreciate that extra effort. Either way, nice work!

    2 replies