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For Halloween my wife wanted to go as a "dark tinker bell" I used some inspiration from the fairy wings Mikealaholmes posted. I wanted to make this look like a corrupted, dark take on a classic character. I opted to light this with a glow stick, to give it the dull glow I felt this needed. Please vote! and thank you for looking!

Step 1: Conception

As stated before, I wanted this to look like a corrupted fairy wand, after a few sketches I felt I had the right design. I looked high and low for something to make a mold out of, I found this cardboard Christmas star at hobby lobby for a buck! I grabbed some glitter, pour epoxy, 3/8 inch aluminum tubing and epoxy putty and got to work.

Step 2: Prepping and Pouring

I started by cutting a hole in the center of the cardboard star, then removed the paper strut from the center. I melted down some Vaseline and coated the inside of the cardboard star, so the casting material would not adhere. I mixed some ultra-super fine dull green glitter into the 2 part pour epoxy I had laying around. I poured into the center hole very slowly. after about 2 days of curing I remover the paper and sanded any paper left stuck to the star. Luckily I did not want a perfect star! some air was trapped and as you can see the cast was not perfect, but I was going to damage and age it any ways. I then filed a flat spot where I wanted to drill for the stem and drilled a small pilot hole. I then slowly drilled a 3/8inch hole in the star, when I was happy with the distressing of the star, I coated in shellac to give it that shiny clear, see through coating.

Step 3: The Stem

I used 3/8 inch aluminum tubing for the shaft. I started this by rough sanding, so the paint and epoxy putty would adhere properly. I mixed the putty, making simple thorns, bumps and vines along the stem. after curing, I filed and sanded the sculpted material until I was satisfied with the look. I then covered the piece in plastadip, to give a uniform texture and rubbery grip. I drilled a few hole near the top of the star, through the aluminum, to allow more light to pass through the star. I used a cheap thin glow stick to illuminate the wand. this gives the perfect dull glow I was going for. I then wrapped the stem in a green metal wire to give it some texture and detail

Step 4: Final Thoughts

I'm very happy with how it turned out! it glows perfectly! I will update this once the final costume is complete. if you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate! and please don't forget to VOTE! thanks for looking.

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    3 years ago

    Love it!! I am guessing you can change out the glo sticks as needed, but will the star stay on securely? (because I'd be waving that thing all around!) lol

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    thank you! yes with the holes I drilled in the side, it left little burrs around them, it acts as a catch point and helps the star stay in place very well.