Second Life for an Old PC Case PART II

Introduction: Second Life for an Old PC Case PART II

As said in the PART I of this instructable I had to split it in two because the errors I got while making it. I hope you enjoy it.

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Step 1: Step 4 : Painting the Wolf and Some Other Parts

I used a glossy black spray paint for the tribal wolf and sort of  outer frame on the sides and the top of the cover.
I used paper and masking tape to embossed the parts that I wanto to keep matte white.

Step 2: Step 5: Assembling the Computer

The last step was to gather togther the computer parts; since I work in this area the process was easy compared with making the template. I got the computer working OK it has an Intel Core 2 Duo 3 Ghz,  4 Gb in Ram , a 250 Gb Hard Disk, a couple of DVD units, it is not to fancy but is all I need for my basic jobs. Thera are two things left to do, in the 3.5" floppy bay I will put a multi memory reader and in the hole where used to be the Start (ON OFF Button) I will try to put a USB conector.

I think that the old case really deserves a second life, it is sturdy and looks a little differet from the common ones (I Hope).

Here : the almost final results

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