Semi Automatic 12 Volt Sieve




Introduction: Semi Automatic 12 Volt Sieve

Well found; I will tell you a simple construction of a semi-automatic sieve low-voltage ( a 12v Battery car), through the application of a "toy" to a normal sieve that keptsuspended in a correct height, can be used for a variety of uses.

In my case I needed you sift the stones of the driveway of my house, so quickly i sassiis separate media and small pets from weeds mixed to them, then remove them and delete them manually, while also recovering the remaining large stones.

Step 1: the "Beating Heart"

The real heart of the system is the vibrator or as I called myself: "beating-heart".

It consists in a very simple way using a 12v engine salvaged from an old car: it's theengine that drove the radiator cooling fan; After removing the old fan, I plugged in an eccentric wood hub, creating previously a hole slightly smaller than the same hub and plugging it in, pressure strength (I used a hammer with a certain caution in order not to damage the motor). The eccentric diameter is approximately 10 cm and the hole is approximately 4 cm from the Centre (I run several tests and this seems to be the most effective distance). To secure better to eccentric hub I poured a bit of Cyanoacrylate glue.

Step 2: The Sieve

The sieve was suspended with four chains converging on a rope that was attached ontop of the shed.

This system allows the vibration of the sieve that is free to move without transmittingunnecessary noise to the surrounding things. Also, being placed at an average height can be easily supplied with the shovel and thencollected by cangrejo below.

Step 3: Fixing

Through two metal brackets 1 mm thick, fitted to the motor by means of two screws, Ifastened the vibrator sieve with four wood screws as you can see in the figure.

I ran and then the connection, via a two-wire cable (respecting the polarity) of the engine to the 12 v battery, using a very basic system to tell the truth: with two clothes pins linens suitably adapted for the purpose.

Step 4:

In the video you can see the attachment reasonable effectiveness of the system, and,since it is to absolute zero cost (all easy material recover) I thought certainly share itwith the community of instructables as could be useful to someone.

Thank you for watching and for the possible support; and, as always at your disposal for any clarification or comment (possibly constructive) ... a greeting and see you soonto the whole community of Instructables by Torx

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    This is a great idea. I have some topsoil I need to sift and I was not really looking forward to the task. I think I have everything I need in my collection of scraps to build this. If I can remember where I put that old blower motor I may try to do this over the weekend.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    I like the 12 v option to use off grid, in camp areas and at the cabin.


    Good instructables but motor wont last long,put motor on the side of board,close to the corner and add some bearing to holds that peace of wood.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    I dig it!...pun?

    well either way...very nice job...i have a motor that would work great for to the drawing board!