Shalamayne, Varian Wrynn's Sword

Introduction: Shalamayne, Varian Wrynn's Sword

this is a more in depth look at how i made varian wrynns sword shalamayne.

Over all it took me more than a month and its a bit more complicated than i wouldve liked

Step 1: Materials!

this is actually quite a long list despite most of the materials are simple


Water pipe (handle)


Wood glue


Faux Leather





Soldering iron


sand paper


Step 2: Reference

since the ingame model wasnt really detailed enough for me and the hearthstone version only showed the handle, i had to put the two together to get a decent image

Step 3: Patterning

This is where software comes in

Since i had the spliced image, i traced the basic lines in photoshop.

I then imported into illustrator and retraced all the lines.

Once that was done, i had to simplify everything for the wood core. So only the outlines remained, and the handle got shortened since this was where the pipe handle would go

I then segmented it into multiple pieces with teeth, so it would fit into the laser cutter and could be put back together.

The center piece was cut out of acrylic with inlaid led slots, and the fireball engraved into it.

It was actually cut out twice (once mirrored) out of 2 mm acrylic, since the wood was 4 mm and this way i could have the details on the inside of the acrylic and the outside smooth

the fireball was designed in photoshop, then the color was inverted and converted into greyscale for engraving.

Step 4: Putting Together

theres one step thats gonna be next, which is led wiring, but this was the only picture i had of the center pieces put together before the detail got in. lets get to the leds next.

the wood pieces were glued together with wood glue, the acrylic was airbrushed with fireball colors additionally to engraving, and then glued in too.

Step 5: Wiring

all the leds were wired together, and there was a chipset and a switch put into the circuit as well. The chipset was used so that the leds would pulse with a sinus effect. no arduino was used, since it wouldve been too expensive for such a simple effect. it wouldve also been too big. The whole circuit fits into the handle.

It is powered by an USB powerbank. The pommel of the sword unscrews so all the electric components can be taken out.

heres a couple of videos during the wiring process and testing

Step 6: Details!

after all the leds were in place and all the wiring put in the sword, the center piece was sandwiched between 2 layers of insulation foam with 2 cm thickness.

I used all my books and other various things to weigh down the foam sheets so they would glue everywhere

i cut out the rough shape first before glueing on the foam sheets, so it was easier to work with later on, and once the glue has cured, i started carving in all the details

Step 7: More Details!

the gems were cast in clear urethane resin, tinted red.

they were then sealed with a clear coat.

The handle was wrapped with a 4 way braid, and the threading was glued into the handle. The threading is actually an old coin holder thing that screws shut and fits in perfectly into the handle.

Step 8: Sealing and Painting!

The whole thing was sealed with 7 layers of wood glue, and then painted

for the silver paint i used acrylic silver spray paint, the gold part was primed black, and then painted gold with rub 'n buff.

the gems were glued in and a few smaller details were added.

the whole thing was then weathered with washes and a bit of airbrushing.

Step 9: Final Piece!

Since pictures dont really capture the whole thing with pulsating lights, heres a small video too!

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