Shiny Time Earrings



Introduction: Shiny Time Earrings

These long, elegant earrings feature vintage clock hands and a bit of sparkle. The length is enhanced by the short sections of Swarovski crystal chain at the top of the earrings. The variable patina on the clock hands is wonderful mixed with the naked brass of the crystal findings and the gunmetal and stainless steel findings.

- 2 black clock hands, 3.5 inches
- 2 Olivine Swarovski crystal navettes, 15mm x 25 mm
- 2 stainless steel ear loops
-6 gunmetal jump rings, 9 mm
-1.5 inches (6 crystals total) Olivine Swarovski crystal chain
- 4 brass crimp-on chain ends, 2.5 mm
-2 medium naked brass splat charms
- 2 small naked brass splat charms

- Chain nose pliers
- Cutters

Step 1: Trim Chain

Trim crystal chain into two 3-link sections. Fit the end of one section into a crimp-on chain end and flatten prongs on chain end with your chain nose pliers. Repeat with other end to create a 3-crystal chain link. Repeat with second chain section.

Step 2: Add Earloops

Using your chain nose pliers gently open the loop on the end of the simple ear loop. Feed through one of end of a crystal chain section. Close securely.

Step 3: Add Swarovksi Navette

Using your chain nose pliers open a jump ring. Feed the jump ring through the clock hand, through the loop on one end of a navette, through one of the medium splat charms and through the loop on the bottom of the 3-crystal chain link. Close securely.

Step 4: Add Charm

Using your chain nose pliers open a jump ring and feed it through the loop on the navette and then through the small spat charm. Close securely.

Step 5: Finish Earrings

Repeat to create second earring.

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