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Introduction: Shirt Folder

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This is my first instructable so let me know if you like it.

The Shirt Folder is a device made of cardboard (or any other firm material) that makes folding your shirts in 4 steps. Place, Fold, Fold, Fold.

With each fold it creates strait creases on the shirt reducing the amount of wrinkles.

This is a eco-friendly project.
- Recycled Material

Step 1: Gather Material and Tools

Before you begin you will need to collect the material and tools for this project.

- Cardboard Box or Cardboard Sheets. You can get this from just about anywhere, I got mine from work. Go to a store and ask if you could have some. You will need about 2 or 3 boxes.
- Tape. This will be used as the joints. The wider the better.

- Box Knife or Scissors. You need a cutting tool. I find the box knife works best. Be careful when using sharp tools.

Step 2: Middles Pieces

You will need two middle pieces for the Shirt Folder. Both of them will be the same size.

Cut out two pieces from your cardboard with these dimensions.
- Width: Approximately 12 inces or 30 cm
- Height: Approximately 16 inces or 40 cm

You will need to tape these together on one side for a total height of 80 cm. Do not tape the other side now, we will talk about that later.

Step 3: Sides

The sides have a very similar dimension to the middle.

Cut out two pieces with the following dimensions.
- Height: 80cm (Same as the whole middle section)
- Width: 30cm

Attach the sides to the middle top section taping it only on one side. (Se image 2 below)

Step 4: Taping the Other Side (Optional)

You can now tape the other side but you need to fold in each part before taping or you will not be able to use it properly.

See the image.

Step 5: Using

To use this requires just 4 simple steps.

1. Place the shirt as neatly as possible with the image or front down. Get the top of the shirt as close to the top of the unit as possible.

2. Fold #1 Fold over one side (see image 2)

3. Fold #2 Fold over the other side (see image 3)

4. Fold #3 Fold over the bottom (see image 4)

Now just flip your shirt over and put away. (see image 5)

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Love this just finished mine works great

Love it! I have seen the plastic ones before. I like this one for us broke guys and the recycling aspect as well.

making this made so much more room in my dresser. thanks man.

 or you could just fold the part of the shirt that is hanging out so it isnt out side of the panel.

It should. I have 2XL shirts and they go over the edge just a bit. If you would like you could adjust the size of the panels to work with smaller or larger shirts.

Awesome, this is my first Instructable. came out great. Looks like shite, but gets the job done.

Sometimes it's not the originality, it's the execution and intent. I know me, and an armload of my buds could use one or three. It's bad enough we laundry pool, but I can't stand the folding afterwards. This might make it a little more bearable.

Great! I'm using all the time. blessings.

i love the idea and i'll have to try this myself. as others have said it's not exactly origional but it is usefull. being part packrat i think that this helps organisation and space alot.

1 reply

I know its not that original but I haven't seen anything similar on Instructables so i decided to do it.

I gotta try this! I am a single pa and I absolutely suck at folding! Ty for sharing :)

Nice. Unfortunately not very original. These 'folders' have been floating around the internet for a while now.

Wow very nice Ty i have been looking to Make one of these Hmm wonder if i could make it out of Plastic Sheets with Some small hinges