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Introduction: Side Table From Old Swing Chair

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Do you believe that this side-table is made from a swing chair? I couldn't believe myself that I could make it, but I did. This happened when I my working table was already crowded. I needed to clean it up for more working space. Then I saw this swing chair at home, long left. Its swing joints are also degraded. I saw that this chair had many parts and I could build a small table with those parts.

I was thinking about making the table stands only, then I would buy a piece of board as the table top. Luckily I saved my money. I converted it with almost all of its parts, leaving only some bolts.

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Step 1: Disassembling

I take everything off, every joint. Leaving the legs and the arm rest which I will use it as the table legs. I have around 30 pieces laying on my floor. This is just like building with Lego blocks ^_^

Step 2: The Legs

I keep the legs and I put a long pieces as their side stretchers. I make a different length for the front and rear. For the top part, I search the same length for more or less. That is using two pieces on each side and nail them to the legs. Two more pieces with the same length as the the legs' height are used as support at the rightmost ends.

Step 3: Two Tier

I still have many parts left and I decided to make a two tier table. I cross some parts as the base, then I arrange those tubular sticks in the form of parallelogram.

I use the seat back as the table top. I cut the rightmost part to form gradient. I cut the belt that holds those pieces together, then I bolt them back according to the gradient line. Now you see why I use a different lengths for the front and rear parts. The table is located right beside the door and I don't want to bump into the corner when entering the room.

Step 4: Modification

Two days afterward, I wanted to put a box of in-cup mineral water for my guests, but it is too heavy for the unsupported end near the door. I still have one tubular stick and one square stick. I put them as support on the right side near the door. I place the tubular stick under the diagonal belt, drill and screw them together. Now I can put heavy stuff there.

I also try a square lower tier as in the photos above. Now I have two options for the lower tier. The first one is more stylish while the second one is more rigid. I just put it down there and it is removable when I need to put larger boxes under the table.

Step 5: Final Shape and Remains

This is it. I have changed a chair into a table and those on second photo are the remains. I move my stuffs and some tools here and now I have more space on my working desk.

I leave the holes and rusty paint as is, because I am not good at using wood putty and painting :P Maybe one day in the future ...

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    This is a great way to get more life out of an old chair . . . turn it into a table!

    Very nicely done!


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you. I love tweaking old unused things into something. Money saving, brainstorming, and FUN :) I hope this can inspire people to MAKE something.