Simple Bracelets

Introduction: Simple Bracelets

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The bracelets which I have presented here are very simple to prepare and consumes less time. The materials used here are very commonly available. The combination of beads and the design of the bracelets reflects our creativity.

Lets start making the bracelets with the requirements first,

1) Elastic wire.

2) Beads of different shapes.

3) Scissor.

Step 1:

I have done 3 bracelets for which the preparation method is the same for all. Now let me explain how the bracelet with 3 layers is made. For this I used 3 types of beads with various shapes. One with the cylindrical shape , the other rod shaped with 3 holes and the other the normal bead.

Step 2:

I started with the normal bead followed by cylindrical bead. Later on the cylindrical bead is replaced with the rod shaped bead. Note that rod shaped is inserted via the first hole for the first layer. Repeat the same and complete the first layer.

Step 3:

Note that the first layer ends in a rod shaped bead, Now tie a knot with the elastic wire and insert the wire through 2nd hole in the rod.Here starts the second layer of the bracelet. Repeat the same method for this layer. Complete the bracelet with 3 layers using this procedure. By this method one can make a bracelet with many layers.

Step 4:

Using this method I have made 2 other simple bracelets.

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