Simple Chocolate Mousse (Ingredients)





Introduction: Simple Chocolate Mousse (Ingredients)

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You will need -60 grams cocoa powder -8 teaspoons of sugar -60 ml of water -2 eggs -2 bowls -a whisk

Step 1: Make the Chocolate Mix

Mix the water and the chocolate powder till the mix is a smooth chocolate liquid. You can also melt it but you can do whatever to make sure the mixture has no lumps at all.

Step 2: Whisking the Eggs

First get 2 bowls and crack the eggs into one of the bowls Then you separate the egg white from the egg yolk without breaking the yolk Whisk the egg yolk lightly and then whisk the egg white on soft peaks They should be looking like foam Add the sugar to the egg white and whisk briefly The egg yolk will look like the second picture

Step 3: Add Yolk to Chocolate

Then add the egg yolk to the chocolate along with one third of the egg white and whisk until smooth

Step 4: Mix It All

Finally you add all of the egg white to the chocolate and FOLD it. Do not under any circumstances whisk it. Only fold it gently Do not use the mixer or anything but you hand and whisk

Step 5: Let It Set

You can now put you mixture into your bowls or in my case I have put them into glasses as separate servings. The last thing to do before attacking these yummy delights are to refrigerate them for four whole hours So time yourself If you want to have them for lunch I would suggest you start making them five hours before as the preparation takes 1 hour with the breaks here and there Enjoy your mousse xx You can add some whipped cream on top later too :3

Step 6:



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omg this is so yummy everything about this is fab just some touch-ups. Also I made the chcoclate mix then put it in a pan on low heat, then add the egg whites and stuff.

1 reply

Hi the recipe is fantastic!
I searched for a moose recipe with no cream so here it was!
I made some changes which don't matter so much
for whoever wants the yolks cooked you can melt the chocolate in a small pot with the water on low fire till it melts. After it melts add the yolks and stir quickly- don't stop! (or else you'll have scrambeled eggs) till you get a smooth creamy look.
Wait till it cools off then add the white to it (or the oppisate way around it won't matter)
Thankx for the recipe
be blessed!
oh and i havn't put cocoa powder just more bitter chocolate it was great for shabbath, you can also add to the chocolate half tespoon whiskey it's great

What is code 201 cocoa powder?


2 years ago

This is great! I made sure to whisk the egg whites when the eggs were room temperature to make it easier for myself, since I'm kind of a beginner, but there were no problems. I've been looking for a recipe that doesn't overdo the cocoa and isn't too sweet, and this was right on the money for me.


2 years ago

but wouldn't this be inedible because of the uncooked egg?

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i could be wrong but i do believe its the egg yolk that you want cooked. the egg whites are safe (unless your allergic like gracea9 says). meringue (whipped egg whites) is in quite a bit of baked goods

Egg whites are full of protein and they are most commonly used in protein shakes. It's quite fine to use it uncooked, unless you are allergic.

no not always it's only if you're allergic but ir you eat it plain(straight from the egg) it's quite yummy(!)