Simple Flea Technique




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You probably don't know this but fleas breed about 200 eggs every day in your dog

Fleas live in your carpet too

Step 1: Procedure

Sprinkle salt on your carpet
Wait 3 days
then vacuum
Repeat this 3 times

You can also put baby powder or borax

Step 2: Flea

Within 3 days you will be flea free

It may take longer depending on how many dogs you have



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    3 years ago

    I have worked pest control in my prior life, Before Real estate development. The thought of simple salt working made we wonder can it be true. I have to English Bulldogs i love and with a pre disposition to skin conditions and the lack of a proper way to self itch fleas drive them crazy. I have heard Salt kills the fleas, it repels them, or just somehow i tested.. caught a few dozen fleas from neighbors pets and put them in jars. One had nothing, one just store bought table salt, one with sea salt, one with a super fine salt powered made from table salt, another with Delta dust ( plant extract thats harmless to humans and animals) and another with a flea killing spray that once dry is harmless. DAY 1. the spay chem jar all fleas dead. the delta dust jar fleas were living but just laying, no jumping. super fine salt powered some fleas seem to be less active. didnt jump much. with the reg salt and sea salt nothing, same as control. day 2 chem still dead, delta dust dead, fine powered some seemed like delta dust day 1.. salts and control nothing... day 3... fin powered salt killed a few. the others nothing if salt guess is the walking on it is crushing it finely and may be plausible.. Get delta dust or safe chems tbat work are pets deserve to be parasite free... Salt may work but each time you put them out new fleas jump on. lay new everyday you bring new fleas into an environment that takes days to be rid of them. FLEAS = animal suffering some more than others. But if you cant afford proper pet care dont get a pet to care for.


    3 years ago

    I didn't mean for the fleas to go away in 3 days. You have to do this daily. I have a instructable for identifying flea poop. You should go see it. The title is flea poop. If anyone doesn't know if their dog has fleas. You should brush. I suggest you see my instructable.


    3 years ago

    And presumably you have to keep this up forever...?


    3 years ago on Introduction

    No, Not quite that simple... You need to comb and get all fleas and eggs off your pet, Sprinkle fine salt on floors, Vacuum, Repeat dog combing daily, Vacuum once every two days and keep sprinkling salt around... It's not going away in 3 days just like *poof* I don't mean to be rude.