Simple Kids Ladder for Swing Set, Bunk Bed, Etc.

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A friend of mine messages me saying that her husband was a great husband but not a very handy person. So she decided to see if if be willing to add a new ladder to her children's outside play set. After looking at the player I thought it would be fun to try the mobile create version of instructables and show you guys this very simple build.


Step 1: Gather These Items

You will need:
2 pressure treated 2x4s
1 pressure treated 2x2 (the kind you'd use for railing slats on your deck)
1 box 2 1/2" deck screws
Table saw & tablesaw sled or chop saw
Screw Gun
Clamps for using a stop block and securing pieces together for screwing them together.

Step 2: Cut 2x4 to These Measurements

For my project I cut my 2x4s to these lengths:

10@1 1/2"
1@40 1/2"
1@40 3/4" (this was to compensate for the very slight incline where the ladder was going)

Cut the 2x2s into two equal pieces, I used 20"

Step 3: Make the Handles

Take your two longest pieces and 4 1 1/2" pieces. Lay them out like the picture. First predrill two holes in each 1 1/2" piece then attach them to one of the longer pieces. Use your 20" 2x2 to use and a guide as to where to place the 1 1/2" pieces. Screw them to the 2x4 on the thin side of the 2x4 then use one screw to attach the hand rail (2x2) to each of the 1 1/2" pieces (see photo for clarity)

Step 4: Purring Together the Ladder

Lay one 22" piece flat and screw the two longest pieces into it. Then make 2 9" spacers out of some scrap wood to layout and screw together the steps onto the ladder. I put two screws on each side of the step.

Step 5: After Adding the Steps

Use the remaining 1 1/2" pieces to support the bottom corners of each step. (I used 2 screws in each piece)

Step 6: Line Up and Attach the Ladder

Line up the ladder and attach it to the playlet.

See simple! This is a great project that can be modified to accommodate a lot of different projects. You can also add a slight angle to the top and bottom of the legs to make it easier to climb up to a higher distance.

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