Simple, Wire Heart Earrings




Introduction: Simple, Wire Heart Earrings

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Hey everyone it's momo and today I'm making a super sassy set of earrings. Let's get started shall we

Step 1: Supplies

1- proper jewelry wire
2- round nose pliers

Step 2: To Get Started...

Bend the wire in a loop with your fingers or just around something circular

Step 3: Bump

Simply bend a little bump with your pliers

Step 4: Heart

Then curl it back under to make the heart formation

Step 5: Bend Upwards

Then take the pliers and bend upward into the heart.

Step 6: Curl Under

Then make another circular motion underneath and cut some wire off

Step 7: Curly Cue

After the wire is cut take the round nose pliers and make a little curly

Step 8: Done!

Then make another one and you've got a store bought-looking pair of earrings! If you haven't already click that button above and follow to become a part of the farm family and give a cow it's wings. •_£ love y'all



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    Awesome so simple to make! Thanks for sharing.

    That's a good idea! Battlespeed

    You can easily add some bling to this earring: Before doing the last small curl, form a small ball of crystal clay or DeCoRe clay, and press it between your fingers so that it has a somewhat flatter shape (or you could leave it spherical if desired).

    Now, bend the last small curl around the clay, such that the wire is embedded in the clay. Now, simply press a chaton into the clay. This type of clay air-cures so no heating is required.

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    An alternative would be to simply create some sort of dangle (e.g. headpin with Swarovski crystals, beads, etc. and attach this to the small curl using a jump ring.

    I really like these earrings!


    4 years ago

    so simple and so cool!

    Well Rainey makes stuff, you could just put them through, I mean, if you have a closed earring or something, you could put it through the bottom

    Any thoughts for people with stretched ears? I'd love to make and wear these but unfortunately my lobes are stretched and I cant :(