Simple and Fun DIY Party Hats



Light up this holiday season with homemade hats. Party Hats are a must be it a birthday celebration, Christmas or New Year party, so why not take out some time and brush up your creativity by making some really cool party hats for your next big celebration. These hats are simple and will surely be a huge hit among kiddos.

Material Needed: Circular colored card stock, scissors, glue or stapler, lace, pom poms, ribbon, glitters.

Step 1:

Take a circular colored card stock. Trace and cut a thin triangular strip, starting from the edge of the circle.

Step 2:

Fold the card stock around to form a basic cone shape for the hat.

Step 3:

To retain the shape of hat, glue it properly or you can staple it also.

Step 4:

Take lace and glue it over the bottom of hat, to give it dramatic finishing.

Step 5:

Adorn your hat with glitters, stickers. Simplest way is brush entire hat with glue and sprinkle glitters on it.

Step 6:

You can use a colorful pom pom as topper of the hat, and stick it with glue.

Step 7:

Make a hole on each side of the hat with a nail. Measure out the length of ribbon that you want and thread it through the holes. Enjoy your party wearing this cute hat.



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