Single Rainbow Loom Bracelet

Introduction: Single Rainbow Loom Bracelet

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I hope you enjoy this.
What you will need is
•pencil or hook
•rainbow loom
•at least 15-20 rubber bands
•a few minutes

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Step 1:

Make sure your arrow is facing away from you.

Step 2: Start

Starting with one rubber band put it on the loom like shown in the picture.

Step 3: Next

Continue step 2 and it will look like the picture.

Step 4:

Turn the loom so that the arrows are facing you. Next take the bottom rubber band over so that it is on the next hook (continue this step).when you get done it should probably look like raindrops (shown in picture)

Step 5:

When finished have another rubber band and put it through the end rubber band and pull it tight (the pictures may help).

Step 6: Last Step

Put your clip on.

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