Smores Pops




Introduction: Smores Pops

parchment paper
popsicle sticks or lollipop sticks
chocolate chips or chunks
graham crackers
brulee torch

step 1: prep work

-melt your chocolate
-put a stick in each marshmallow
-crush the crackers and put the crunbs in a bowl
-cut parchment paper to give the marshmallows a place to rest

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Step 1: Making the Pops

step 2: dip that pop!

-hold your marshmallow by the stick and dip half of it into the melted chocolate, twirl to remove excess
-dip immediately into crumbs, and coat well (crumbs everywhere= no chocolate stuck to parchment paper)
-place on paper to rest, crumb side down

Step 2: Making the Pops Cont.

step 3: flip that pop!

after about 5 min, the pops will have cooled enough to sorta set the chocolate, but not enough to be solid, so it's time to flip the pop

-hold the marshmallow part of the pop and remove the stick
-flip over the pop and stick the same stick into the chocolate covered side, so the marshmallow is in contact with the paper now

Step 3: Almost Done Those Pops...

step 4: Toastin' the Pops

A S'more ain't no S'more 'till it burns!

-hold the pop upside down, with the marshmallow side up, and toast with your torch, or small controlled food safe fire/grill, until the pop is a toasty as you like it (kids, get an adult to help)
-place back on parchment paper toasty side down, marshmallow will smush a bit, but that's okay
-leave to cool

Step 4: Eat Those Pops!

enjoy your pops~!

if you let them cool a bit and wrap them in plastic wrap or lollipop wrappers from the craft store, you can have a taste of summer whenever your want in the span of 2 and a half weeks in the fridge!

(note: if you eat pops immediately after toasting, we are not responsible for warm gooey joy)

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    This is plain brilliant! So much better than the mess you make when making the sandwich but all the fantastic joy (I love my marshmallows burnt) I'm going to give this a try!