Snickers Bites




These crunchy, peanut buttery, caramely, chocolaty bites are not only delicious, they are also super easy to make.

Step 1: The Ingredients



  • 1 dl or
  • 90 grams or
  • 0.42 cups

Baking syrup

  • 2 dl or
  • 280 grams or
  • 0.85 cups

Peanut butter

  • 1 jar or
  • 340 grams or
  • 12 oz

Plain Cornflakes

  • 11 dl or
  • 220 grams or
  • 4.65 cups

Dark chocolate chips

  • 200 grams or
  • 7 oz


  • Powder: a tiny smidgen or
  • Extract: a dash

Step 2: The Crunchy

Add the corn flakes to a large bowl, and if you are using vanilla powder, sprinkle it over, and set aside.

Step 3: The Caramely and the Peanut Buttery

To a pan add the sugar and the syrup and on low/medium heat allow it to slowly come to a boil. Then, take it of the heat and stir in the peanut butter. If you are using vanilla extract, mix it in.

Step 4: The Assembly

Pour the peanut butter mixture over the corn flakes and thoroughly but gently mix everything together. Transfer into a large pan and flatten it out to a thickness of about 2 cm, slightly thinner than one inch. Melt the chocolate and coat the top of the slab. Before the chocolate has fully set, cut into bite sized pieces using a bench scraper.

Once everything is cool to the touch and the chocolate is set, transfer the bites into a container, separating the layers with parchment paper. Store the bites in the freezer. Serve the bites while still very cold, but not frozen enough to break any teeth.




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    Penolopy Bulnick

    1 year ago

    That sounds like a fun and tasty dessert! I'll have to give that a try sometime :D