Soccer Robot




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These small devices run mad! Each consists of a vibrating motor, a battery, some wires.

Step 1: How to Make

一, Materials

The following are the parts and materials you will need in order to complete this project.

(1) Vibrating Motor, I use two different kinds of motors.

(2) LR44 Button Cell Battery

(3) clothespin

(4) Led lights

二.How to make
1.Put the vibrating motors in the front of the clothespins.
2. Mount the button cell battery in the back of the clothespins.
3. A vibrating motor with wires and Led lights need to be soldered on. 4.Add eyes to the bot

Safety Be careful not to make the wire leads touch each other. This will short the battery (the battery will heat up and could become dangerous).

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:



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