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Introduction: Solar Home Heater DIY

This is a clear and concise easy to do-it-yourself project by Jack Saville. How to build a simple inexpensive solar heater using free energy from the sun. No more heating bills. On or off the grid application for energy independence and self-sufficiency. Introducing a new book on self-reliance and free energy DIY projects found in "Magic Machines in a Magic House" by Jack Saville, available on Also for more info check out:­diy-free-energ.html



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    3 Discussions

    Solar heat boxes are a great idea, but...

    What keeps the thing from exploding in the summer?

    How do you keep it from heating the garage in the summer?

    I just left your other intractable and found this one. I needed a window version of your passive solar air heater which led me here. My windows are double hung, so the command strip approach will not work for me. Do you think it would work ok if the gap between window and cardboard was say 2-3 inches? I was planning to cut the cardboard so it fits super snug and just press it into the window frame.

    This is a wonderful idea. I will try to figure out a smaller version to put in my window since I am a renter. I plan to live in a "tiny house" when I retire in a few years. I haven't heard it discussed before, but I think this is an excellent way to heat the tiny house. Thanks for the great idea. I'm going to look for the book.