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This is a solar mobile phone charger that uses old car charger to produce electricity enough to charge your phone

Charging on the go will never be so easy.Keep walking and the solar power station will charge your battery while you walk in the sun.This is helpful for travelers in the desert.An Emergency power backup may help save a life!

Step 1: Materials Required

Materials Required

- 12 v battery

- Solar panel with battery charger

- Old car charger or new one starts from $ 1 +

Step 2: Connecting Solar Panel

Connect the solar panel to battery charger

Charge the battery ( I used a old 12V 7Ah) used UPS battery

.Attach the battery backup(I'm using Mi Battery Backup) to the micro usb.

2.Put the setup into your backpack..You can also use a tiny box to encase the charge controller. Now insert the usb into the power supply and charge your device while you travel and walk.

Step 3: Connecting to Charger

Remove the cover of old USB car charger

Solder the wires (positive and negative) to the charger

Use a connector to connect the wires to old battery

Use the USB cord to connect to the USB port to charge your mobile phone

Step 4: Use It

Now use it by placing the solar panel in light and watch the magic.

The disadvantage of this method is that until you have high intensity of sunlight it would not work.

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