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Gyroscope is a real cool device. Its action is a work of art. When you look at it deifying earth gravity you cannot stop that feeling of fascination.

Today I'm trying to make a new project.

I wanted to make the Gyroscope cooler. I wanted to add a little bit of green energy to it so I can have The Solar Powered Gyroscope.

Step 1: Components

- Gyroscope Toy

eBay US , eBay FR , eBay UK

- Small Solar powered toy car

eBay US , eBay FR , eBay UK

- Tape

Step 2: Assemble and Test

Disassemble the solar car

I disassembled the Solar Car to get the motor and solar panel out from it. Then I tested the solar panel with the motor.


Connect a larger gear to the motor.

Tape the motor to the Gyroscope frame. Make sure that the motor can rotate freely. Adjust the gear to be gently coupled with the Gyroscope gear.


I tested the Gyroscope in the direct Sunlight. The Gyroscope started to rotate slowly at the beginning but after a while it seemed to gain momentum and the speed increased as shown in the video.

Step 3: Adding a New Solar Panel

I decided to add a Solar panel to increase the rotation speed of the Gyroscope.

It worked and I really noticed a difference in rotation speed.

Unfortunately, the Gyroscope hasn't been rotating in its full speed which gives it Rigidity.

So it was unable to standalone and keep its position like a full functioning Gyroscope.

However, I've learned from this experiment and new some tricks that can make me create future projects.

Thank you for reading my instructable...

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