Solar Powered Postcard

Introduction: Solar Powered Postcard

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Use sunshine to make the sun shine! Create this beautiful solar powered postcard with your kids!

You will need:

a small solar panel (0.5 W, 2.0 V)

a led (mine operates at 2V and 2mA)

alligator clips or preferably alligator wires

two small pieces of copper tape (optional)

a pin, pencil and scissors

colour paper, firm paper

a paper glue stick

and sunshine

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Step 1: Prepare the Decorations and Attach the LED

Let's get started!

First, cut out a rectangular postcard from a firm paper and the sky from the blue paper. Both rectangles should be the same size. Next, cut out a quarter of the sun and a cloud.

Now it's time to attach the led.

Align the sun and the sky. Use the pin to make two holes into the sun and the sky. Pull the legs of the led through the holes in the sun and the sky. Turn the postcard over and straighten the legs of the led. Place the longer (positive) leg of the led along the longer side of the rectangle. Place the shorter (negative) leg of the led along the shorter side of the triangle.

Step 2: Putting It All Together

It is time for the glue :)

Attach the sun and the cloud to the sky. Attach the sky to the postcard, but do not glue the corner with the sun. The copper tape pieces should be accesiible.

Step 3: Connect the Circuit and Enjoy the Sunlight.

Use the alligator clips to connect the copper tape pieces to the solar panel. Connect the copper tape piece along the longer side of the postcard to the positive terminal and the other copper tape piece to the negatove terminal of the solar panel. Place the solar panel in the sun, look at the shiny sun on the postcard and smile.

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