Solar Water BBQ With Our Annual Water Parabola

About: You may recognize Dan and Denise Rojas from their appearances in various made for tv movies and national commercials. As the hosts of Green Power Science, they share Fresnel lens and alternative energy ideas...

Adding water to a super thick piece of vinyl creates a very power water lens concentrating sunlight to over 800 degrees fahrenheit. This long focal length is perfect for ground level cooking. There is also a VERY simple Dutch oven DIY out of two cast iron skillets.

Because the water is level, this only works through the summer months. This is a follow-up to a video we originated in 2008.



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    wooow. That looks like fun! I think that's amazing for using clean energy!


    Gravity does the job. It is a bit closer to a catenary shape like a hanging chain or how power lines curve in the center. It works with a smaller piece of plastic too.