Spider-Man Cake




This Spider-Man cake was made by using a Dunkin Heinz Blue Velvet cake mix, following the package directions. (TIP: use an equal amount of applesauce instead of oil for a lighter, more moist and lower fat cake or cupcakes)

The cake mix was divided equally between two 8" round pans. I used buttercream icing and a little more than two jars of Wilton red coloring. I printed a black & white picture of Spider-Man's face in the size I wanted and placed it under a sheet of wax paper. The eyes are white candy melts. I melted the white candy melts and piped it onto the wax paper using the print out as a template to "trace" on. (TIP: once the candy melts have solidified, while still on the wax paper, place them in the refridgerator until you're ready to use them.) Place the eyes, then pipe the webbing, which was made from black tube icing that can be purchased at most grocery or hobby stores.



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