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About: i am an aspiring prop maker and keen sci-fi fan. i found this site a few years back and i did not know i'd ever love it this much! i'm mostly into Assassin's Creed cosply and Star Wars Cosplay.

Hi everyone, it's been a while eh? i've spent these last few months working on something a lot of my star wars fans will love, here's how to make Commander Fox.

Step 1: Painting the Helmet

I NEVER spend a lot of money doing this so I recycled my old white clone helmet and begun painting.

Chin paint: for the chin, i used Humbrol Matte (Matt?) Red (number 60) i angled some masking tape at about 120 degrees on either side of the chin and coated it about 10 times over.

The head fin (thing)

This takes some practice to mask off properly around the sides, but with some masking tape, i used the straight edge to mask off the bottom ends of the fin then coated the fin 10 times, leaving 1 hour intervals between coats so the paint can cure* ( i went through a LOT of paint in stage 1)

the head stripe (side stripe above the black strip, i'll cover the black strip in a sec)

This is just as hard as the head fin, this requires seperating the helmet and using a LOT of masking tape, carefully cover the black strip in masking tape and carefully cover the top and front of the stripe in masking tape, now you're only painting the front ends of the stripe red for some unknown reason,so again, 10 coats, 1 hour between coats and BE CAREFUL!

Now the back of the helmet isn't so tough, for a certain point of view, you're going to need Humbrol Matte, (Matt) grey (Number 32), for this part, mask off the top and bottom of what should be the light grey stripe, mask off around the cricle thing on the back of the helmet ( I believe it's a life support or fan of some sort) then apply 4 coats of the grey, leaving an hour for the paint to cure* between each coating.

The raised isoceles triangle (correct me if i'm wrong)

This is fairly starightfoward but a narrower tape needs to be used.

Mask off the sides of them and the divide down the middle, then coat them 10 times over, leaving an hour between each coating for curing*

The middle back section (where the grill/vent is)

Mask off the above and below of the grill and coat the grill once in grey, let it cure* let it cure*, this grey needs to be pure ( yeah, i just made a frozen joke, yeah, i went there)

that's the paiting stage over.

*Cure/Curing: to let a substance like paint or glue dry.

Step 2: The Helmet's Shade

For this shade, i used foam, hot glue and electrical tape

For the dimensions and sizes of the shade, follow the link provided here (it is a little while into their awesome build)

Shade dimensions found on this mod tutorial

once i had built my pieces from foam, i hot glued my shade together and tried to paint ( i ran out on my 5th tin, OH NOES)

so i thought about it overnight and came to the conclusion that electrical tape is best to use beause of it's fireproof properties and waterproof properties, off to toolstation the next morning. Once i'd bought my tape, i'd begun to carefully lay it out flat on my shade to avoid creasing the tape

To attach it to the helmet, i hot glued it on to the sides of the helmet.

Step 3: Blackwashing the Helmet

Blackwashing is a weathering technique used by the 501st and most armour builders. It involves black paint and water. It's a very dilute acrylic paint that gets into crevices and cracks and usually makes the helmet look dirty and weathered.

To achieve a great blackwash, make a solution that's a quarter paint and 3 quarters water, then stir it and sepertae the oil from the paint if you're using Enamel. Takle a brush and just cake it all over the helmet, get it in the small details or just ooze it over the helmet, leave it to run for about 3 minutes and then wipe off all of the excess solution, this should leave paint in the scratches, dents and grooves, making a good dirt effect.

If you wanted a different look, like mud, use dark brown acrylic paint.

if you wanted a swampy look, mix brown, dark green and black acrylic together, using more brown and green than black.

Step 4: That's Your Finished Helmet

Well, that's your helmet done, you can put that to one side now. Now we'll go on and build the rest of him.

Step 5: The Armour

For the Armour, i bought a £40.00 clone trooper outfit and began my modifications.

I primarily use Electrical tape in this part because paint wasn't an option.

To kick it off, i made the glove armour red, then i went on to draw out the hest design (anyone found something like a red marker that STAYS red?)

for the rest of the armour, i used red electrical tape to colour in my armour.

Step 6: The Kama

Remember Captain Rex's kama? I used that, i'm figuring out how i did his to make a new one for Fox.

The lining around the edge of Rex's is blue, right? so Fox's has to be red. It became frustrating to do Rex's lining due to the material no being very sticky, so i'm using sticky fabric on Fox's kama.

Step 7: Pistol Holsters

I built the Pistol Holsters from foam, hot glue and electrical tape.

i had another built from Captain Rex and i sadly can;t find the measurements so i had to take a guess looking at the proportion of the holster to him and scale it down to my size.

They're now big enough to hold the toy dart guns.

For attachment, i used a cardboard strip and threaded it through the side of the holster and attached the ends together to form a ring, they can slide on and off my belt if i want them to.

Step 8: And You're Done

I hope you enjoyed this 'ible on making another star wars 'stume, it took a lot of time and effort to bring to you all so if you would be kind enough to give me constructive criticism, it would be much appreciated. Thank you all again.



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    2 years ago

    Couldn't help but notice that you are wearing socks. LOL!


    4 years ago

    Im a star wars nerd so I must correct you, the "kilt" is called a Kama. Just saying.

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