Introduction: "Stash-Busters"

If you don't like Granny Squares, or can't make ANOTHER baby hat, I have some ideas for using up that stash! (You know you have one!!)

The first afghan was made using up leftovers of Lion Brand's Homespun. This was made for my niece, who is a Homespun "snob".

The second afghan is still a "work in progress". A purple and green afghan was requested, so I gathered all different types of yarn in those colors. It is becoming one of my favorites.

Covering a plain picture frame is a quick and easy way to use up odds and ends, and make something unique. In this project, I used Lion Brand Suede. Just glue to frame, going 'round and 'round....couldn't be easier!



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    Amazing work! I like them a lot, they're all so lovely. And the title of this Slideshow made me think of Mythbusters. :P