Stealth....Self-Defense Neclace




Self Defense Necklace

As with any self-defense tool, it is best to practice as to how you want to use it. I am not saying that this necklace will save your life, other tools may be better. My advice to you is to make one and see if it is a benefit to you. I feel you can never be over prepared.

This necklace is meant to be used in a swinging motion. Please be careful when using this.

"You'll shout your eye out" A Christmas Story: 1983 :D

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Step 1: Pick Your Washer

The quick and easy way to make this is to use a steel or stainless steel washer. It is a nice shape and it has a hole in it. Just polish with sand paper and wear. You can spend the time cutting out a chunk of steel and make it more creative if you choose. I feel the minimalist approach for this project, works.

Pick out the washer to make your Stealth Self Defense Necklace.

When picking a washer, think about how it could be swung around and how strong would the impact be? If it is to small and lightweight the purpose of this is necklace is compromised.

The washer in the intro page has an outside diameter of 1 3/4"
The ones pictured here are about 1 1/2"

Step 2: Prepare Your Washer

Prepare your washer. I suggest sanding if with at least 120 grit sandpaper. A rough surface can be desirable if done correctly To make it smoother, start with a higher grit sand paper (120) and progress to a higher grit sand paper. I made one with a rough surface (120) and one with a smooth surface (800).

When you are done sanding, (option) spray it with a clear spray paint to give the surface a shiny look. Be sure to let the spray paint cure for 3 days before wearing.

Step 3: Strong Paracord or Leather Cording.

Pick a strong cording for your necklace.

You do not want it to break.

Paracord works very well but, it is not as fashionable.

Choose something you can trust.

To attach: stick the loop of your cord through the opening and then pull the end through.

Tie off the ends of the cord. You are done.

If you want to take more artistic liberties, and create your own shape, here are some choices of metals and their characteristics

Steel…Not to hard to drill and shape and it has a good weight, but it will rust. Use spray paint (clear or colored) to prevent rusting.

Galvanized Steel....May cause skin issues, try to avoid.

Stainless steel…Will not rust and it has a good weight, but it is difficult to drill and shape.

Aluminum…Easy to drill and shape and it will not rust, but it is light weigh. Bigger pieces may be needed

Copper…Very soft, easy to drill and shape. It has a good weight, but it will oxidize. to cheep…don’t bother.

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    4 months ago

    I was thinking of making one of these with some modifications.. maybe mod podge some cute paper over it. Thanks for the tutorial. :)

    1 reply

    Reply 4 months ago

    Awesome...The point of this is to change and modify it to make it your own. I would love to see a picture of your finished product.

    Keith Peters

    4 months ago

    I guess this could work if your attacker was under 5 years old, or over 80.

    2 replies