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Introduction: Strawbots: Harvey 2.0

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Harvey 2.0 is the third member to join the STRAWBOTS family. He takes a little more time to build, but the effort is worth it. Dont forget to check out the behind the scenes action of Harvey 2.0 being animated, as well as his debut animation.

Please download and print the templates to get started.

You can build your very own Harvey 2.0 STRAWBOT with this short list of materials and tools:

  1. Harvey's black straws
  2. Standard 1/4" flexible straws
  3. Sip straws 1/8" (for claws) 
  4. Craft foam (any colour you choose)
  5. Hair Elastics
  1. Hole punches (1/4", 1/8")
  2. Exacto-knife
  3. Scissors
Please note that the tutorial videos start after all of the pieces have been cut out. I'm relying on you to accurately cut and punch out the pieces using the provided templates. For a few added suggestions, you might want to check out my Instructables Robot Strawbot.

Step 1:


Step 2: Build

Step 3: Building the Feet

Step 4: Building the Legs

Step 5: Building the Mid-section


Step 6: Building the Chest

Step 7: Building the Arms

Step 8: Building the Hands

Step 9: Building the Head

Step 10: Final Assembly


Step 11: Animate

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I wonder Mr. Noack how come there not much industry or personal small companies making much trek into robot industry that like bipedal, single cycle(uni-cycle) motion or simply just thought if we could make so would or could get thought process where they stop falling down seems more like that task is finished Ai feel that standy is fall down to me, maybe standby mode should standing still? Or wait by and be ready for next task? Is that what missing for bigger robots out there.

Other idea I had bipedal maid robots?? Or butler, waiters that you don't need people waiting on you, they could helping out in bigger events. I am sorry I am thinking about something else.

Do you mean for mass production? I was considering getting steel rule dies made, so I could cut patterns with a press. Unfortunately I don't have the time at the moment to start up

A good pair of scissors with the full set of circular punches is the best way. Trust me, I made a lot of these things.

Consider 3D printing. Glad to see someone else making strawbots. I built some strawbots using straws as exoskeletons. It takes a lot of work to be consistent so that parts are modular. I'm looking at 3D printing for consistency and ease of reproduction. I used "muscle wires" for animation. While powerful for strength to weight ratio, they do require a bit of power but they give a real cool biomimetic effect.

Mr. Noack, this is a BRILLIANT Instructable and I just LOVE the factory-like look of them Strawbots!

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Thank you Sir! Congrats on your first instructable. Not a bad start out of the blocks. Keep up the great work.

You're welcome, Thank you and yeah I will. And I have half a mind to start building my first Strawbot...

A really innovative and interesting project, nicely documented. Thanks for sharing it.

Not having "Harveys" here in the UK I'd have to find an alternative source for straws, but I wonder if "chopsticks" might be workable, I think they're about the same size, though the weight distribution might be tricky. Bamboo Skewers, Coffee Stirrers and cardboard also might be suitable alternative materials, though they'd have a very different aesthetic.

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I'm planning on unveiling in the coming months so that kits will be available online. Meanwhile..... I'm developing more models.

Can we also use toothpicks instead of 1/8 in straws?