Super Easy Raw Vegan Bonbons

Introduction: Super Easy Raw Vegan Bonbons

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Are you ready to make some delicious, healthy raw vegan treats? I recently discovered these amazing bonbons.They are very nutritious and my sweet tooth loves them! I hope you will like them as well! ;)

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Step 1: Ingredients

For 50 bonbons you will need:

  • 1 tea cup goji berry soaked in water
  • 100gr. wallnuts
  • 100gr. almond
  • 100gr. dried plums
  • 150gr dates
  • 1tbsp tahin
  • 1tbsp honey
  • 100gr. oat flakes

For decoration:

  • 50gr coconut flakes
  • 50gr carob powder/or cocoa powder

Step 2: Blend All the Ingredients.

Mix them all in a bowl.The texture should be sticky and thick. Using a tea spoon or just with your hands take some of the mixture and make small balls.

Step 3: Roll the Bonbons in Coconut Flakes.

The bonbons are sticky enough so don`t worry, the flakes will stick to the candy.

Step 4: Roll Some of the Bonbons in Carob Powder or Cacao

I prefer the taste of carob powder but there is not much difference so you can use cacao as well. Mmm...tasty vegan truffles!

Step 5: Enjoy!Ooops,sorry I Ate Already Some :)

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