Super Mario Galaxy Cake



This is one of my favorites yet!  I made two planets from Super Mario Galaxy.  It was really fun.

First I made two cakes in Pampered Chef Batter Bowls (1 qt and 2 qt).  You can use a regular size cake mix for the large bowl and Jiffy size or half a regular mix for the small bowl.  I actually made 2 batches of my favorite cake recipe (Betty Crocker Best Chocolate Cake).

I would wrap the large bowl with a wet towel, because the cake may need extra time, but the edges will really over cook and dry out.  The small cake cooks quickly.

I smeared dark chocolate frosting on for the roads.

Around that I made grass using the Wilton grass/hair decorating tip.  Whew, that took a while!

Crushed oreos on the road for where the gopher digs.

Rock candy in various colors for the star bits.

Candy coins, obviously, for the coins.

And I don't really "do" fondant, so I just bought a set of mini-figures for the cake.

Voila!  They loved it!



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