Super Simple Food Serving Tray

Introduction: Super Simple Food Serving Tray


My wife and I like to entertain guests from time to time as well as have that late night snack in bed as we binge watch our latest TV show...not to mention occasionally surprising each other with Breakfast in bed.

As such, I decided to make a very simple, yet aesthetic, tray for serving food on.

This is beginner level stuff and doesn't really require much skill honestly :)


  • 16"x18" piece of paint grade edge-glued panel (mine was 21/32" thick)
  • 2 Cabinet Pulls - I used 96mm Satin nickel finish ones
  • Stain of your choice - I used a Red Mahogony I had laying around
  • Polyurethane - I used a clear satin I already had


  • Jig Saw [Optional]
  • Drill
  • Brushes for staining and polyurethane


~ $25

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Step 1: Cutting

I bought the wood I needed from the local hardware store. It was around $7.50 total and it's a soft wood...didn't need much else because I would be staining and coating.

It as actually a piece of 16x32 so I just cut it in half...saving the other half for another project one day.

I used the bottom of a jar of putty to mark rounded edges on the wood.

Then used my jigsaw to cut the rounded corners. This is an optional step I feel.

Step 2: Drilling

Using a square and the pulls, I measured and drilled pilot holes for the pulls.

I did drill a counter sink for each of the screws holding the pulls in place so they were not protruding from the back.

I went with center-to-center pulls, and so depending on your specific selection, your sizes and hole alignment may vary.

The pulls cost around $6.50 each.

Step 3: Sanding

Didn't end up taking a picture of the sanded wood but should sand it too :)

I used a finishing sander, 220 grit, beveling the edges as well.

Step 4: Staining and Coating

After, cutting, drilling and sanding, the wood was ready for staining and coating

I had a red mahogany stain I've used on other projects and thought it would be a good choice. I do like how it turned out too...gave the wood almost a Brazilian Cherry look.

I used sponge brushes to put it on and did two coats.

With the wood being so soft it basically soaked up the stain very quickly and deeply.

Once that was done, it was two coats of polyurethane.

Step 5: Assembly

Lastly add the pulls.

Other than the staining and polyurethane, this took around 30mins worth of time.

The lighting for these pics don't really show off the beauty of the polyurethane but it looks really nice with the satin nickel finish.

I hope you enjoy!

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