Survival Kit#2




Introduction: Survival Kit#2

About: I just started fishing alot an i love it i might have an instractable on it soon please comment and like thanks

Hey guys remember that survival kit i made a while ago?well here is an improved version!
It's not as portable but is just what you need.
So lets get started

Step 1: What You'll Need

You will need a variety of things here are a few
Cotton balls
Cotton swaps
Triple antibiotic ointment
Fishing kit
Pill bottles
Gauze pads
Pen and pencils
9v batterie
Steel wool
Sterile strips

Step 2: Putting It Together

Putting together a survival kit is pretty easy you just need a way to signal,start a fire,and help against injuries.then you need a box (i prefer watertight)

Step 3: Good Luck

Thanks for looking at my instractable i hoped it helped.please drop a comment,and like enjoy



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    5 Discussions

    Ok will do thx

    I wasn't bashing you. If it appeared that I was, I apologize. I was offering a tip that might help you improve this (and future) instructables.

    I like these types of kits. I was simply wanting to see more info.

    Keep going.


    I'm curious about something. I see 9v battery on the list, yet I don't see anything on the list which would consume 9v batteries. Am I missing something? Or is your list missing something?

    If you intended for us (ME) to presume the battery would be used in conjunction with the steel wool, I would make an alternate suggestion to you (and a bit of constructive advice).

    The advice first: when you are presenting something like this - MENTION THE PURPOSE OF THE CONTENTS OF YOUR KIT. If components of the kit are meant to be combined with other parts, clearly say so and then include a step with details.

    Now, the suggestion: (If the battery IS in FACT intended for the steel wool) Use a "D" size battery instead. It isn't as likely to become electrically shorted during storage or transit and it can be used more times before becoming depleted. "D" batteries are rated at a lower voltage (still enough to ignite steel wool) but store more amperes.