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Hey guys, today in this instructable, I am going to discuss some truly amazing smartphone camera tricks that no one will tell you! There's a lot in even basic midrange smartphone cameras but the Smartphone manufacturers tend to keep them exclusive for the flagship smartphones but it is not that you can't access those features in your phone just because the companies don't want you to do so. Afterall, the camera features are one of the main selling points of the flagship phones. You can watch our youtube video for it or continue reading.

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Step 1: Installing the App Required.

Okay, so let us begin with the installation process of the apps required for this. It is the Bacon Camera app. You can download it from the Play Store here . Unfortunately, this app is not available for iOS devices. Download this app and follow along!

Step 2: All the Features

You must have heard about DSLR like bokeh effects which means the background blur in an image captured on a DSLR. But, the term "DLSR-like" is wrong. It is just the physics of the lens that makes the background blurred. Smartphone cameras even have lenses, and so the background blur can also be achieved on a smartphone although not as much as in a DSLR as the lens in a Smartphone is very small one. What you need to do is open the bacon camera app and tap on the "m" button. This will bring up the manual settings. Here you will find a focus icon with a dot surrounded by a ring. Tap on that icon. A slider will pop up. This is the focus slider. Yes, as in professional cameras, you are getting a manual focus that is completely genuine. If you keep it at 0, it will focus on distant objects and objects that are closer to the camera will be out of focus. Similarly, if you keep it at 100, the closer objects will be in focus and the background will be blurred. Ths produces a nice bokeh effect. Next up we have general settings like ISO, White Balance and Exposure. You can long press each of the icons to set them to auto mode. There's even a manual shutter speed. Yes, things are getting interesting right? What the shutter speed basically does is keeps the camera sensor of your phone for a long period of time which lets in more light into the camera and image ends up being brighter and clearer. I bet these features will entirely change the way you take photos. These Manual features are also available in Video mode that is, you can change the focus, exposure, white balance while recording the video, live! There are lots of other options like Slow Motion, GIF, exposure bracketing, multi-exposure, scene modes, HDR, colour modes, skin tones etc. There are lots of other settings for photos and videos in the settings options. You can even turn off the ads if you want to. Make sure that you are recording/capturing at the maximum possible resolution. You can record up to 4k if your camera is 12 megapixels or above.

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