Pefect Beginner Card Trick

Introduction: Pefect Beginner Card Trick

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Hi buddies i have another new easy cool instructable for you. This is an awesome card trick for beginners and unskilled magians?... Oknot unskilled, just unprofessionals you know..
Ok ok no more jokes.
For this trick you need to know the fourth card of the deck. My one was a 2 of diamonds.
Ok now u can begin the trick and show up your magic skills.

Step 1: Begin

Divide the deck into two halves. Keep an eye on the the top half where there is the fourth card (2 of diamonds) now tell the audience that by having a peek at the fourth card of this half (the lower half) i can tell u the fourth card of this half(2 of diamonds).

Step 2:

Count four cards from the lower half. Now take a peek at the fourth card. My was 2 of spades. Now you know what the fourth card of the lower half is. (2 of spades) recall it in your mind. Don't let the spectators know that what the card is. Keep the four cards back in their place. The 2 of spades should be in the fourth position.

Now speak out loud the fourth card of the top half (2 of diamonds) and then show them the fourth card (2 of Diamonds).

Step 3: Riffle Shuffle Trick

Now forget about the 2 of diamonds. Remember 2 of spades ♠. Shuffle the two halves. Keep an eye on the two of spades. You need to riffle shuffle the cards. When you do that you should  keep in mind that you have to keep more than four or at least four cards of the lower half on the top. In other words, when you riffle through the cards, you need to riffle the top half a little faster than the lower half so that all cards of the top half fall down before the lower half and there are more than four cards of the lower half on top. You can see in the picture that i have more than four cards, maybe 10 or 15. So now, the fourth card of the deck is 2 of spades.

Step 4: Repeat

repeat ? the first step again but this time 2 of diamonds will be the 2 of spades. And all same repeat the same thing again and again.

Thats it see you next time.
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