Tea Light Shade

Introduction: Tea Light Shade

Here we have a simple idea I had one night I couldn't sleep. It's extremely simple and we all have wine bottles lying about. And if you keep an eye out you can pick up some very unique bottles that make a fantastic feature anywhere in the house with a tea light inside.

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Step 1: Making the Hole

Turn bottle upside down ideally into gravel for stability. Pour a teaspoon of petrol/ meth spirit into the well on the base. Light the liquid for exactly one minute. Please pay attention to all safety aspects of working with flammable liquids and glass ie goggles gloves etc.

Step 2: Making the Hole

Once your minute is up, blow out the flame and pour the liquid out of the well and place back into the gravel. And with goggles etc in place give the base of the well a confident tap with a hammer and it will pop out effortlessly. I then gently tap out the size of a tealight and a groove to the edge to allow sufficient oxygen to get into the bottle for the tealight to continue to burn. I give the glass a gentle rub with sand paper to dull the edge, however Sugru can also be used.

Step 3: Finish

Now just start your collection. It also means you get to drink some wine as well as get a little extra from your purchase. Enjoy

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