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Introduction: Hot Smoker

Beer keg hot smoker. Dont worry socket has since been moved.

Step 1:

Local pub gave me this and I got the angle grinder out and cut a door and a flue hole into it. Made of stainless steel so very robust and won't rust. I know it isn't the most attractive set up but it is very effective and was entirely made for free. If you want to spend a fortune on pretty then go for it but I go for practicality and it works just fine.

Step 2:

Hole bored in base of stove for the flue and filled with the fire cement which I cured with 3 small fires.

Step 3:

This bowl is over the hole and I would put water in it to keep the temp down for long smoking times. However I dont seem to need it to be truthful. The only thing I can think of is that the cast iron on the stove is absorbing a lot of heat. Hey I'm not complaining, it saves me a lot of hassle.

Step 4:

Charcoal at the bottom and the temp is usually around 120 degrees (will need to increase this thanks to Jibjabjakes safe advise) in the smoking chamber and I put the skinned chicken on for 8 hours. Soooo delicious. I put the chicken on the rotisserie for an experiment but I will be including wire shelves because I have a lot of frozen mackerel/trout/salmon just dying to get smoked.

Step 5:

Fantastic colour to the chicken, I think they call it the Bark. Very tasty. I always remove the skin because it means the herbs and the smoke penetrate deep into the meat. Tasty.

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    6 years ago

    You need to make sure that you a temperature high enough for the food being cooked to reach an internal temp of 140*F in a minimum of 4 hrs.

    That's an amazing use for an old keg, definitely cool looking. Not to mention more ways to slow smoke meat is always good, man I'm so hungry now.


    7 years ago

    If you are only getting 125 degrees then I'd be wary of eating the chicken. Anything under 165 for poultry is considered unsafe. I know those are just regulatory guidelines, but 125 is way less than 165.


    Reply 7 years ago

    Thanks for the advise..looks like I just need to add more briguettes..and I defo think a vent for extra air intake to.