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Introduction: Tell Me

Around the time of the New Year I texted a bunch of my friends saying, "Tell me what being in love feels like to you." For Valentine's Day I made envelopes for each response and mailed one to each person who responded to the initial text.

Each personal definition was accompanied by this note:

"Tell me what being in love feels like to you."

Thank you for telling me, and without hesitation or questioning. For Valentine’s Day I
wanted everyone who responded to me to get to have the experience I had while reading
these; being comforted in knowing that some people feel the same way and even more so
when they feel differently. Everyone is receiving somebody else’s response. Everyone is
receiving a different response. Every response is kept anonymous. It may be from your
best friend, or someone that you’ve never met. Happy Valentine’s Day!

25 were made and mailed out.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    This is really sweet. I have a year ... but will try it next year :)