Tequila, Chilli and Lime Jelloshots

Introduction: Tequila, Chilli and Lime Jelloshots

For a Mexican themed gathering I decided to make some Mexican jello shots. Obviously tequila had to be one ingredient but I thought it would go brilliantly with lime and chilli. A nice citrus flavour with a mix of tequila and a bite of chilli.

To make the shots you'll need the following ingredients:
1/4 cup lime juice
1/3 cup tequila
1/3 cup sugar
1 sachet of gelatine
fresh chillis

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Step 1: Mix It Up

Start by measuring out a 1/3 cup of sugar and add to 250ml of hot water. Stir this until all the sugar is dissolved. Pour out 1/3 cup of tequila and 1/4 cup of lime juice (I cheated and used bottled) and pour the lime juice and tequila into the sugary water.

Next cut the chillies length ways and deseed. I used fresh ones from a plant in my garden, they are small but potent. 5 was too many... Finely chop the chillies and add to the lime and sugar water.

Step 2: Turn It Into Jelly

Pour the gelatine powder into 200ml of boiling water and stir until dissolved. One sachet sets 1 pint of water. In the end I decided at this point to double up and make 2 pints, so I just doubled all the previous quantities.

Add the gelatine to the water and stir it all together.

Pour the mixture into moulds. I used some chocolate moulds I had and a muffin tray for some bigger jellys. Once the moulds are all filled put into them into the fridge to set.

Step 3: Turn Out Jellys

Once the jellies have set place the moulds in a shallow bath of warm water for a few minutes. This will slightly melt the outside of the jellys and they should pop out without too much trouble.

These were great little treats, a delicious zesty flavour and a strong kick from the chilli. These would be brilliant with a scoop of cooling ice cream to counter the chilli. Enjoy!

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