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This is an AWESOME, easy to make, windmill that can be made with pieces found in your own home!

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Step 1: Collect Coat Hangers

Collect coat hangers from around your house and straighten them out

Step 2: Build a Base

Build a base out of PVC pipe. To do this three 3-way joints where you can connect the PVC pipes. Once you have connected them to look like those in the pictures, spray paint them to whatever color you would like to make it more aesthetically pleasing.

Step 3: Cut Your Wavy Blades

Using cardboard, cut out wavy shaped blades and spray paint them different colors of your choice.

Cut out a hole in the middle of the blades, the same diameter of your PVC pipe.

Step 4: Create the Wheel

After straightening out the coat hangers hot glue them to a slightly larger PVC pipe that will be able to spin on another PVC pipe. Once you have created a wind mill sort of wheel add fan blades.

Step 5: Put Everything Together.

Attach 1 of your wavy blades to the PVC pipe and slide it down.

Then, attach you paper windmill and coat hanger windmill piece to the PVC pipe.

Finally place then final wavy blade piece.

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