The Enhanced Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

Introduction: The Enhanced Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

A couple questions have plagued sandwich lovers for decades, how do I keep my jelly from falling out of my PB&J? How can I possibly take this already delicious sandwich to the next level of greatness. Finally, this step by step guide on how to make an epic, drip proof sandwich, has arrived. Parents and children rejoice, the days of sticky hands and stained floors is gone.

Step 1: STEP 1: Get the Ingredients

Before you indulge in a piece of heaven and question to as why you never thought of this before, you'll need to gather a few key ingredients.

2 Slices of Bread (preferably wheat or white)
1 Jar of Peanut Butter (Chunky has been shown to exhibit the best jelly detainment)
1 Jar of Jelly (No preference)
1 Container of Nutella (Original)
1 Butter knife or something similar

ADVANCED MODEL: 2 Slices of Bacon

Step 2: STEP 2: Constructing the Foundation

Lay your two slices of bread next to one another. Take your knife and gather a conservative amount of peanut butter to put on both slices of your bread. You'll only want a thin spread of peanut butter at this point.

After you have a thin layer of peanut butter on both slices of bread, use the same knife to take a more liberal amount of peanut butter and apply ONLY to the edge of your bread. It should appear you're creating a fortified containment wall of deliciousness as you apply more peanut butter to each slice.

At this point you should have a square shaped wall lining the perimeter of your bread. The height of the peanut butter should be relative to the thickness of one of your fingers. If you extremely large hands, try and use only half of one finger.

*NOTE: the more jelly and nutella you plan to use, the larger the peanut butter walls you want to create.

Step 3: STEP 3: Go Nuts

Wipe off your knife and get a hold of your container of Nutella.

Use your knife to obtain a liberal amount of Nutella and begin to fill in the space between the peanut butter walls on ONLY ONE OF YOUR SLICES OF BREAD. Ensure even distribution and to not fill higher than the peanut butter walls allow.

Step 4: STEP 4: Dont Be Jelly

You're almost finished...

Clean off your knife again and obtain enough jelly to fill in the space between the peanut butter walls on the SECOND slice of bread. BE CAREFULL not to use more jelly than your walls can handle. Ensure even distribution leaving a small gab between the top of the peanut butter wall and the jelly you just used.

Step 5: STEP 5: Seal It Up and Overload Your Tastebuds

FINALLY, take your slice of bread filled with Nutella and place it on top of your second slice of bread creating a fortified seal of peanut butter between the two slices of bread. Locking in the Nutella and Jelly, thus preventing and tertiary dripping.

ADVANCED MODEL: Before sealing your sandwich, toss in two slices of bacon to take your experience to the next level of tastiness.

Grab a glass of your favorite beverage, preferably a cold glass of milk, and enjoy the Enhanced Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich


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    6 years ago

    I would exclude the jelly if I were gonna make it with bacon. Otherwise, it sounds really good!