The Flamingo




An A3 size art work of a flamingo bird made of quilling strips.

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Step 1: Supplies

All you need is an A3 size blue tinted sheet. Pink tinted sheet of two contrasting tints of pink, glue and quilling needle.

Step 2: The Base.

Sketch a flamingo bird on the pink sheet and then cut it out and stick it on the blue sheet. I have used two different shades of pink to make the design interesting.

Step 3: Start With the Edges

Once you have stuck the cut out start sticking the paper strips on the edges of the cut out buy holding the strip vertical and applying the glue on one edge of the strip. The eye of the bird can just be a black strip rolled in a circle. For the beak I have used black paint.

Step 4: Start Filling In

Once all the edges have been done. Start filling in the inner space. Use different shapes made from the strips to the inner space.

Step 5: ...And Its Done

Once you fill all the inner space its done. Now you can frame the artwork and hang it on the wall.

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    Suzana 1

    3 years ago

    It is a beautiful bird. I like how you did it!

    Have a nice day!