The Game Over Stand Up Arcade

My kids and I started making arcade games in the basement out of card board and some of there old toys. One day I was trying to explain to them how cool it is to play video games at an old school stand up arcade. So we started to make a MAME arcade cabinet but the novelty of reliving the old classics was great for me but wore off fast with my kids. So I decided to ditch the MAME idea and do something a bit more extreme.

So we took a classic stand up arcade game controller and strap it to the state of the art video game technology found in the SONY PS3. Then we added a killer ground shaking sound system and an amazingly vivid large 23" 16x9 HD flat screen. Put it in a stand up box and BOOM, you have a Game Over Arcade.

As far as the cabinet we decided to ditch all the clasic game cabnet designs by making the corners more modern and seamless, lost the top marquee for HI-FI speakers. We put a sub woofer in the base and the PS3  and volume controls are hidden, but accessible just like the reset buttons on the old arcade cabinets. We gave it a automotive candy apple red paint job and the graphics are vinyl stick on's so we can change them up when ever we want something a little different.

I cut this one by hand but I hope some day to get a CNC cutter so I can go into production and make them for all my video  game playing friends.

Here is a quick video of me playing it.
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    6 years ago on Introduction

    hey man i got a 4x8 shopbot cnc still wanna cut some out on the cnc i can do that for you


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Did you purchase plans online? Or draw them out yourself?

    How do you have your buttons programmed or is it a default setting when plugged into the PS3 via USB?


    1 reply

    I have bought plans, but in the end i ended up drawing what i wanted freehand on the woof and then mad a template from that. it was loosely based on the defender cabinet. As far as the buttons the tank stick maps out to the ps3 by default.