The Monster Book

Introduction: The Monster Book

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The Monster Book of monsters from the movie Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban.

Ever imagined having a monster book on your table.Having your own monster book is really an awesome feeling.

I will explain you how you can make this monster book for you in this instructable.

Things you will need :

1. a piece of cloth.
2. a rope.
3. scissors and glue.
4. paint and brush.
5. marbles.
6. card boad and pages.

7. M-seal or clay.

8. Small candles.

Step 1: Making the Book

First cut a desired size of card board ( i used card board box) make the folds at correct distance.

Now cut paper strips of equal width it needs little hard work you have to cut so many of them .Use transparent tape to hold all strips making a bunch.

Here i have 3 sets of paper strips 2 of same size and 1 long for the front as shown in pictures. I used one more card board strip set to support the back standing side of cover.
Now you have the base book completed.

Step 2: Spider Skin Cover of the Book

In this step we will prepare the skin or cover for the book .For that take a piece of cloth and first mark the rectangular shape with tooth like border as shown in the picture .

You don't need to be an artist for this just prepare the basic design and we will make it perfect in the finishing step. Don't forget cut space for eyes.

Now take the rope and cut it in small pieces about 15 cm for convenience and separate it to single units.

This needs little patient - we have to spread the small ropes so that it looks like hairs as shown in pictures.

Now this need little more hard work we have to stick the hairs to the skin.
Start applying the glue and stick the hairs in line (hold a bunch and cut about 2cm length then their tips on the glue line) and then second line and so on from bottom to top. note that leave some space for writing.

After completing apply more hairs on the every long tale like skin at the borders. To make them more thick.

Do the paint work to write in harry potter font and place the marbles at the place of eye and we are done with the cover.

Step 3: Monster Tooths

Now we have to make teeth and gums for the front of the book . For that i used i used a sealent which becomes hard and look shiny giving the feel of tight gums but you can also use clay of desired colour .

And for the teeth i used thin candle , cut it into pieces of 1cm and shape them using a hot knife.

Now shape the gums with your hands.

Step 4: Finally

Now take a glue and place the cover we made on to the book.

After that check whether the front tales are thick enough or not .Cut those long hairs at the edges of the cover so that it looks neat .

Don't forget to make nose shade with paint see the picture for reference.

And you are done.

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    3 years ago

    that's so cool!!!!!!!


    4 years ago

    Ooh! It looks really good!


    4 years ago

    Very nice and i am voting for you, you haven't used any template to make this, you have made it on your own and that's how competition should be, creating one's own stuff......good keep it up