The Terminatrix or Terminator.. the Last Cold Accessory You Will Ever Need Scarf, Bluetooth Headphones, Earmuffs, Ipad or Purse, Face Cover, Hand Pockets




Introduction: The Terminatrix or Terminator.. the Last Cold Accessory You Will Ever Need Scarf, Bluetooth Headphones, Earmuffs, Ipad or Purse, Face Cover, Hand Pockets

I wanted to make something for my wife for valentine's she loves new york and she loves being stylish.. so after our experience in new york the other day.. i decided to make her the ultimate cold accessory.. i like to call it the Terminatrix.. Terminator .. because guys can use this also.. i hope you guys like it as much as my wife did

After Visiting New York the other day... i realized how extremely cold and miserable you could be without the right accessories.. My ide a of cold must haves were a tiny scarf and an ok jacket... Boy was i wrong.. While there i talked to my cold weather veteran friends.. They had everything you need.. big scarf.. gloves, earmuffs, facecover, etc etc.. of course while there i was already thinking on my entrance for this contest.. my idea was a gloves, scarf and ipad holder.. but after talking to them they gave me a couple of suggestions of their ultimate accessory.. they wanted a purse.. one that would resist make up spills etc..

Also my idea  of a scarf was way off.. and i also realized that i need some kinda face cover and earmuffs.. it was painfully cold and not covering these really hurt..

So i went back to the drawing board.. i was gonna mix all of the accessories into 1.. i wanted something that you would grab on your way out and not worry if you forgot something... also i wanted something with detachable earmuffs.. 1 because my friend almost lost hers so they need to be attachable.. 2 because they get annoying so i wanted to have the option of putting them away...

Finally while looking for a base for my earmuff... i found a pair of bluetooth headphones that definetly needed to be worked into this project :)


2.5 yards of Material.. i like this plated material
1 small piece of blizzard or microfiber fleece 
1 Small piece of pleather or some kinda fabric that wont stain easly
1 Bag of oversized buttons
Sewing machine
Headphones or some kinda frame for your earmuffs
1 -  in separating sport zipper

Step 1: Measure and Cut Your Fabric

Ok so 1st of all i picked a nice fabric with a nice pattern.. it suppose to be for suits or something like that.. i wanted to buy 3 yards but they only had 2 1/2..

So anyways i went home and used my existing scar to measure how much fabric i was gonna use.. for my experience i know i needed at least 2 scarfs up north.. so i  doubled the thickness of my scarf when cutting the material.. also i wanted this scarf to go around my face and still hang low so i could have an ipad holder or a purse if a girl is to use this..

so i actually ended up using the 2/ 1/2 yards.. however, this may vary on each person.. depends how tall you are etc.. so i suggest you cut the thickness of your fabric.. then put it around your neck at least once... then decide where to cut it.. remember is better to have extra than have too little

Step 2: Measure Your Headphones and Make Your Earmuffs

Luckily i had a pair of bluetooth headphones that would work perfectly for my earmuffs.. so i measured the length and the thickness of my headphones and cut a similar sizes in both my fabric and some micro fleece fabric.. 

In the following picture you can see how i sew my earmuffs.. i left two holes at the bottom of the earmuffs so i can slide in and slide out my headphones.. also so i could reverse my earmuffs after it's been sewn together.. also so i could slide in the headphone charger

Make sure you don't sew tthe earphones too close together.. remember your headphones need to fit and slide through

Finally Add two oversized buttons to the bottom of each ear.. this wil help keep your scarf up when you are using it as a facecover

Step 3: Add a Separating Zipper to Your Earmuffs / Headphones

So now you have to add zipper to your earmuffs.. i found a 12in zipper.. however, i would of like to use a 7 inch. but i couldnt find one.. i wanted a sports one cause it looked nice but didnt have the correct size...

anyways the earmuff is very easy.. just make sure it's centered..

the scarf is a bit more complicated.. this one you have to try on the scarf and then sew it.. i would use safety pins before commiting to sewing it.. is not easy to undo this.. 

Step 4: Sew Your Scarf

In order to make this a nice solid piece and get rid of the edges you need to sew half of your scarf.. i provided the pattern i sew mine.. 

as you can see i sew pockets for your hands into the scarf.. so in case you dont remember to bring your gloves,.. dont worry you can still keep warm thanks to your terminator scarf

not don't sew the ipad red line just yet.. sew the outer part.. use the leftover hole left at the bottom so you can reverse your scarf.. then move on to the next step where you will need to slide open half of your scarf.. slide in your pocket.. then sew part of it to your scarf..

Step 5: Make the Inside Pocket of Your Ipad

I used my ipad as a measurement.. i double it and left a chuck on top.. i had to redo this.. because the overhang or the left over chunck of fabric on top needs to be enough so it could be sewn into the scarf..

Now you have to make a slice on your scarf and then slide in the pocket into the scarf.. the top part is very easly sewable.. the bottom part is more tricky and you might need to do it by hand if you dont wanna try it with the sewing machine..

Grab a chunk of fabric and make a cover for the top of the pocket and add two oversized buttons so you can close your purse / ipad bag

Step 6: Make Your Scarf Into a Messenger Like Bag Add Cuts for Face Cover

You could leave your scarf the way it is now.. however, if you have something heavy or in your bag / ipad case.. it will swing around and it will become annoying.. so this is where  you can add two oversized buttons on your scarf.. almost right behind where your buttons that are used to close you ipad bag.. then add two cuts into the other end of your scarf.. then close your buttons.. and voila you have a messenger style bag/ scarf / earmuff etc etc etc..

Now you already have buttons on your earmuffs.. you need to make cuts where your face is.. so you can use them to close your face cover.. this is kinda tricky.. and have to play and see where is the best spot to make your cuts.. .. like i said before try it out with safety pins 1st.. then commit and cut

Hope you guys like my instructable... please vote for me.. i'm competing in the shopbot, sew contest, toy contest, etc etc


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    4 Discussions

    I really like the scarf design! And the detachable ear muffs were a great addition. My only question is with the scarf around your neck, does the ipad make the scarf tug on your neck from the weight or feel uncomfortable at all?


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    in my last step i talk about adding buttons and holes at the end of the other side of the scarf.. this make your scarf into kinda of a messenger bag.. this helps balancing the ipad and evens out the weight.. if you dont do this.. it does feel a little tight but not much. :) thanks for the feedback.. i gonna post more pics when i get home