Thermocol Side Table With Glass Top

Introduction: Thermocol Side Table With Glass Top

About: I make stuff to pass time. So far, all my projects were of waste materials and most of them will be free of cost or cost hardly anything :) Potato. Instagram - ashwinei95

I started with this project due to my need for a side table beside my bed. And since i got to keep up to the reputation of a college student that is, enjoying maximum luxury with minimum effort and expense, I came up with this simple plan - A side table made out of thermocol packaging boxes and a glass top.

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Step 1: What You Need-

  1. 2 Thermocol packaging boxes (305cm*250cm*200cm)
  2. Glass (420cm*270cm and of any thickness).
  3. Sandpaper (1 small sheet)
  4. bag with stones.
  5. Fevicol (glue)
  6. Pins,long toothpicks(optional).
  7. Metal mesh (optional).
  8. 15-20 mins max :)

  • I found the thermocol packaging boxes lying for waste in a store room - so yeah i got that for free.
  • Glass - had few glass pieces left at home by the old tenants - free again :)
  • Sandpaper is used to smoothen the edges of the glass.
  • I study architecture so fevicol(glue) is something i have in plenty.
  • pins and long toothpicks were also something i already had.
  • I used the metal mesh for a industrial look on the table.

Step 2: Fixing the Base -

  1. Fill first box with the bags of stones. Stones are filled for the base to stay heavy so that it doesn't tip over easily.
  2. Apply fevicol on the top of both the boxes.
  3. Place the second box upside down over the first box covering the bags inside and pressing them together to make them stick together.
  4. I fixed a couple of pins through both the boxes to hold them together better.


Step 3: The Glass Top -

  1. Use sandpaper to rub and smoothen the edges of the glass so that it doesn't remain sharp. The glass i had, already had smooth edges.
  2. Since the glass i had was pretty heavy i just placed it on the base. Due to the weight of the glass i didn't bother fixing the glass as it wouldn't fall off and the table would be placed in the part of the room where i wont knock the glass off even by accident (hopefully).

DONE :) You have a side table now :)

Step 4: Decorating (optional) -

  1. I had a metal mesh at home of no use so i fixed couple of toothpicks in and fixed the mesh

I used this as i liked the look it gave. You can come up with better and more creative ideas to personalize your side table according to your taste.


  • The same old one - careful of the glue you use on the thermocol.
  • Fill the stones in a bag and place in the thermocol. The stones placed directly can damage the boxes.
  • careful with the glass.

It's a very simple project which serves the purpose for me. I plan to fix couple of LED lights under the glass soon. Hope you guys like it . Have fun. Thank you :)

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