Introduction: Alcohol Bottle Soap Dispenser - 10mins Project

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In my attempt to reuse the waste bottles lying at home, i decided to make this super easy project. I spent absolutely nothing on this project. All parts are from old stuff i'm pretty sure all of you have lying somewhere at home :) I've tried keeping it as simple as possible. Hope you guys like it :)

Step 1: Things You Need -

  1. Any alcohol bottle - i chose the smirnoff green apple 180ml
  2. A liquid dispensing pump - i used one from an old soap dispenser.
  3. Pen refill - optional
  4. Super glue

Since i forgot to click the photos of the bottle and pump i used the ones i got on google :)

Note - The diameter of the bottle cap should be equal to or greater than the diameter of the dispenser pump cap.

Step 2: Making the Hole on the Cap -

Basically you need to create a hole on the bottle cap to pass the pipe and components of the dispenser pump inside. The method i used was -

  1. As in the picture, i placed a screw driver pointed at the center of the cap of the bottle and hit it with something hard (i used the plier).
  2. Once i got a decent size hole, i pushed the plier through the hole and turned it around to stretch the hole and make a bigger circular hole.
  3. Turn the cap around and flatten the sharp pieces with something hard (plier was used again).

Note - the hole should be big enough to let everything below the dispenser pump cap to pass through.

Step 3: Adjusting Pipe Length -

  1. Now that you made the hole, pass the dispenser pump through the cap and check if the length of the pipe is adequate.
  2. The right length for the pipe is, when the pump placed on the bottle cap, it should be say 1cm - 1.5cm above the base.
  3. If your pump has longer length, cut to required length.
  4. But, like me, if your length is shorter, use a pen refill to extend length.
  5. I measured and cut of a pen refill, and attached to the existing pipe by making a cut on the pipe and pushing the refill in and gluing them together using super glue.

Step 4: Glue the Caps -

  1. Now that you have your required length to the pipe, glue the caps together using super glue.
  2. Let it dry.


Your alcohol bottle soap dispenser is ready.

Note - It acts as a normal alcohol bottle, turn the cap around and open to refill with liquid soap. Very simple :)

Step 5: Fill It Up -

  • Fill it up with your favorite liquid hand wash and yeah - done :)

This is a definite eye catcher, and gives a cool vibe to your place.

Hope you guys liked it. Do try it out as it takes hardly 10mins and i'm sure you have all the parts required for this. Thanks for reading through, do comment for any clarifications. Do vote if you liked it, thanks.

Bye :)

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