Tiny Chubby Dino Charm - Polymer Clay Video Tutorial

About: Hello. I'm JBTheHowToDude, but you can call me JB :P Welcome to my account! I love to DIY craft, so I will mainly be posting my polymer clay tutorials, which you can also find by search JB TheHowToDude on G...

Hello everyone! This is JB TheHowToDude and I wanted to share a polymer clay tutorial with you all that shows you how to make a super easy DIY Chubby Dino charm! This is my very first tutorial, so tell me what you all like or want to change for the next video tutorial in the comments below. Also, check out my crafting YouTube channel at JB TheHowToDude :D I hope you like the tutorial.

Here is a link to my tutorial if the video is not working on your device: My Tutorial



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